15.47, Ends within 1 hour


Extraction Ready

Hand Shucked CBD Hemp Biomass

All Compliant Levels of THC

Grown & Harvested by 2nd Generation Farmers

High Bud to Leaf Ratio

Strain: Suver Haze

Coming in @ 13% CBD on an average

Hand Planted, Hand Harvested, Hand Graded

Treated w/ Love & Respect

Minimum quantity is 5000.

40,000 lbs of Outdoor CBD Hemp Biomass Grown in the Earth by 2nd Generation Farmers w/ Lots of Love & Sunshine! Hand Planted, Hand Harvested, Hand Graded. No Pesticides or Herbicides used in the Process. Soil Tested w/ No Heavy Metals. Strain Suver Haze coming in @ an average of 13% CBD. All w/ Compliant Levels of Delta9 THC. High Bud to Leaf Ratio. After Product has dried it is Stored in Mesh Bags that Hold Approximately 200 lbs. ea. and then Stored in a Warehouse. We have our own Trucking Company and can Deliver if need be..... Shipping can be Negotiated.

Cannabinoid (mg/ml)


Experienced Farmers, Very Knowledgeable, Willing to go the extra mile. Would definitely recommend doing business with them. My funds were not in place so i didnt end up making a purchase so im leaving a review as to my experience with Eller Farms and they were very informative, transparent and professional.