Vendor Policy


Welcome! We are Hemp Dig, Inc. (“HD”). We provide services through, our web-based platform or online marketplace (our “Website”), and associated networks, servers, software and applications (collectively, our “Services”). Our Services are designed to help facilitate the display, marketing and purchase of hemp, products derived from or related to hemp, and hemp-related services (collectively, “hemp products”). HD does not sell hemp products directly. Rather, by using our Services, individuals and businesses, or “Vendors,” are able to sell hemp products to a range of willing buyers they might not otherwise be positioned to locate.

This is HD’s Vendor Policy. It is incorporated into and is part of HD’s Terms & Conditions, including this Vendor Policy, for all auction and other transactions of which you are a party. Please read the Terms & Conditions in their entirety, and this the Vendor Policy, and ensure that you fully understand your rights, protections, and obligations as a Vendor. HD wants you to enjoy and benefit from our Services.

Becoming a Hemp Dig Vendor

The first step to becoming a HD Vendor is registering. Click HERE to register.

Vendors, including hemp farmers, distributors, and wholesalers, use HD’s Services to market hemp and associated products. Even if a Vendor has no website, as in the case of many growers, prospective buyers may still reach out to that Vendor by means of our "Contact Vendor" (“CV”) tool and the "Buy it Now" button on the Auction. All CV correspondence and Buy It Now submissions by a prospective Buyer is archived by HD.

Once you register as a Vendor, you will be allowed to create your own profile to market hemp products, which we call an online “store.” HD lets you upload a variety of content to the Website, including hemp product listings, text, photos, and videos. All of that is explained in detail in our Vendor Guide shown HERE.To keep our online community safe and respectful, we require that Vendors and other HD participants refrain from uploading content that could be considered:

1. Abusive, threatening, defamatory, or harassing;

2. Obscene or vulgar;

3. In violation of someone else’s privacy; or

4. False, deceptive, or misleading.

HD recognizes three categories of buyers: customers, Members and Registered Buyers. The rules concerning buyers are set forth more fully in our Buyer Policy. Importantly, upon choosing to make a purchase through HD’s Services, a buyer is directed to the Vendor's website to complete the transaction.

Only a Registered Buyer may use our Services to purchase hemp biomass, flower, crude, isolate, distillate, seeds or clones. These types of hemp products are available through the auction page on the HD Website. Specifically, a Vendor desiring to sell one or more of these hemp products may do so either in a timed auction or by offering a “Buy It Now” option. Likewise, a Vendor wishing to purchase biomass, flower, crude, isolate, distillate, seeds or clones must first become a Registered Buyer. In addition, an important precondition for becoming a Registered Buyer is that a business first undergoes a background check. This naturally helps protect our Vendors.

When a Vendor decides to approach a buyer directly, without using HD’s Services, HD has no means or desire to track such outside sales. When the customer initially used our Services, however, and the Vendor selling those hemp products is also registered with HD, we request that the Vendor pay HD a 5% referral commission. The Vendor can download our Invoice from the Website to pay this commission, as further explained in the "Paying Hemp Dig" section, below.

If you are a farmer/grower or wholesaler of hemp products, HD assigns your Vendor profile a coded number to disguise your identity. Your real name, business or farm name, address, email address, and phone number all remain hidden unless and until a buyer makes a purchasing commitment. A prospective buyer may also contact you using HD’s "Contact Vendor" tool.

We take these steps to prevent insincere or unscrupulous companies and brokers from unfairly circumventing our Services. In the first place, we believe it is in our Vendors’ interest to keep their transactions and dealings within the HD platform. We use our legal framework to protect your identity and the transaction from start to finish, to determine a fair valuation, and to help make sure you get paid by the buyer. We also take care of all transportation arrangements and secure insurance for your hemp products while they’re in transit.

We also recognize that unexpected things can happen even with a good faith hemp product transaction. For instance, if a farmer/grower or someone else who buys hemp from the field fails to dry the product properly, mold can take hold of the biomass. The hemp may appear fine when it is packaged, but if the moisture level is too high, the heat and humidity can cause mold to form after packaging.

We recommend that Vendors not attempt to sell and ship hemp products without using HD’s Services or another professional company specializing in hemp transactions. Everything may go as planned, but if not, and you’re not using our Services, you may have no recourse.

What May and May Not Be Sold Through Hemp Dig

HD offers the first-of-its-kind mega-marketplace for hemp products. This includes the HD auction, through which you can sell biomass, flower, crude, distillate, isolate, seeds, and clones, as well as other hemp products, to the highest bidder at the best possible price.

Buyers come to HD seeking hemp products that are tested and safe. Hemp products that can harm people or the environment may not be sold through HD. Sales that would result in violating any federal, state or local laws and regulations, as described in our Terms & Conditions, are also not permitted.

HD has developed the following Product Guidelines, which serve as the standard by which hemp products for sale through our Website will be measured:

· No toxic chemicals, including pesticides and herbicides not approved for organic farming, or heavy metals at toxic levels, are allowed in any hemp product.

· No toxic chemicals or chemical compounds, such as BPA (Bisphenol A) or Pthalates, may may be present in any hemp product packaging.

· No hemp product, or element of a product, may contain a known carcinogen.

· No hemp product can originate from unsustainable manufacturing or production processes, including discriminatory or polluting practices.

· All products must be produced without the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides.

· All hemp products sold through HD must have lab test results (a Certificate of Analysis - COA) accompanying the description, showing that the product is free from heavy metals and other contaminants.

HD will review all hemp product listings and may ask a Vendor to furnish information substantiating claims about the values, attributes or production process for a product. Keep in mind, too, that other HD participants or the public may report listings that appear to violate our policies. HD may remove Vendor listings that we determine violate our Terms & Conditions, including the Product Guidelines or Vendor Policy. A Vendor’s account may also be suspended, pending the outcome of a review of products. An account may even be terminated if HD determines the violation is sufficiently serious. Note that all fees charged by and paid to HD are non-refundable.

We must all be vigilant and watch over our community, keeping it clean and safe. Toward this end, the following principles also guide HD’s approach to the hemp industry and our special role in bringing Vendors and buyers together.

1) Sustainability. We urge Vendors to work with manufacturers or suppliers who strive to refrain from harming the environment. Wherever possible, meet your maker! Ask questions and decide if their hemp products are truly clean, green and non-toxic. HD, buyers, and the public are all counting on you, as a Vendor, to be thorough and discerning.

2) No child labor . Manufacturers with whom you choose to work should follow all relevant laws and regulations regarding the conditions to which workers are subjected. Ask the appropriate questions.

3) No involuntary labor . We do not support the use of involuntary labor, including prison labor, to produce or distribute hemp products.

4) Humane working conditions . We expect manufacturers to provide humane working conditions for their employees and to refrain from any form of physical or psychological coercion or intimidation.

5) Non-discrimination. We expect employers to uphold a policy of intolerance for discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religious beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, age, or otherwise, in relation to hiring, wages, benefits, termination, or retirement.

Selling Local

One of HD’s many great features is its “Shop Local” search engine. When a buyer types in their zip code and desired search terms, a list of matching hemp products within 100 miles will be displayed. The Map Icon on the Website can be used to locate one or more Vendors’ exact location on Google Maps.

Using the Hemp Dig Auction

Vendors on Hemp Dig my elect to sell hemp biomass, flower, distillate, crude, isolate, seeds or clones using our unique online auction. Vendors may also use the auction to sell new or used hemp-related equipment, which is considered a hemp product. You can auction any of these products in the traditional manner, with a starting and ending date and time and a reserve that must be met. A reserve is the price at which a buyer must start the bidding. A lower price than the reserve will not be accepted by the HD system.

Vendors may post products on the auction with a "Buy it Now" price. If a Buyer clicks the Buy It Now button, they type in their name, email address and phone number. When they click submit, a copy of their information goes to the Vendor and to Hemp Dig. The Vendor should contact them right away and negotiate a selling price. (Hemp Dig receives a copy of their information when they click the Buy It Now button and will follow up with them and the Vendor within one business day to make sure everyone has all the information necessary to complete the transaction.)

Once done, the Buyer will then go to Safefunds to deposit money to pay for the product. The Vendor must then use our "Ship Your Product" forms to send the item(s) purchased. It is recommended that you use the Services of Hemp Dig to transact business with a Buyer. Then and only then can Hemp Dig provide assistance during the entire transaction, including when a problem arises.

If a Vendor chooses to transact business with a Buyer outside the the Hemp Dig platform, we wish you well and hope all goes as envisioned for both parties.

Following a sale, the Vendor is responsible for arranging shipping. Vendors may charge the buyer separately for shipping or include it in the overall price and offer free shipping. All shipping documents are found at the bottom of the home page of the HD Website using the "Ship Your Product" link.

A Certificate of Analysis (“COA”) must accompany the shipment of all products. If three varieties of biomass are being shipped, for instance, they must be packaged separately and have the COA available to the shipper for each. If the Vendor is the grower, an up-to-date copy of their state license must also accompany the shipment.

Paying Hemp Dig

Our mission at HD is to help bring people together. Other companies have a “Fee Avoidance” policy, whereby an account can be suspended if the user conducts transactions outside of that website. They do this purely to maximize revenue. We at HD like revenue, too. But we also value our relationship with HD Vendors and buyers!

The only thing we ask is that you render unto Hemp Dig what is Hemp Dig's. In particular, suppose you and a buyer meet through HD, whether on the marketplace platform or through the HD Forum. You then use our Services to arrange the sale of hemp or hemp products. You finalize the transaction with that buyer on your own, without using HD’s Services. Given HD’s role in bringing that deal to fruition, we ask that you download a HD invoice from the Website HERE, fill it out, and send a check to HD for 5% of the transaction value (at our corporate address listed on the invoice). You are on the honor system. We will not invoice or bother you. It is up to you to pay HD what you owe. It's old school trust. It's how we roll at Hemp Dig.

Please bear in mind that HD will not bear any responsibility for in-person transactions, conducted without using our Services. In other words, y’all play nice.

Shipping Your Orders

HD works with the top logistics and shipping companies in the industry. When you are ready to close a deal with a buyer and require a quote for shipping, please use our SHIPPING TOOLS under the “Ship Your Product” tab of the Website. Once you have finalized the sale and received a quote for shipping the product to the Buyer, you will be required to deposit a down payment of half the total shipping cost. To make this deposit, you will be required to open an account with Safefunds. It is fast and easy. Simply call 1-888-565-4187 during normal office hours, EDT.

Communicating with Other HD Participants

You can use the “Contact Vendor” (“CV”) tool on the Website at any time to communicate directly with your buyers or other HD participants. CV is also a great way for Buyers to ask you questions about an item or an order.

CV may not be used for the following activities:

1. Soliciting in the form of advertising or promotions, requests for donations, or any other type of Spam;

2. Hassling, vexing or otherwise harassing another HD participant;

3. Initiating contact with anyone after they have asked you not to; or

4. Intentionally interfering with a transaction or the business of another Vendor.


Interference occurs when one Vendor intentionally interferes with another Vendor’s HD store to drive away their business. Interference is strictly prohibited on HD. Examples of Interference include:

1. Contacting another HD participant via CV or otherwise to warn them away from a particular Vendor, online store, type of hemp product, or something similar;

2. Posting in public sections of the Website or possibly elsewhere to argue or discuss a dispute with another participant; and

3. Purchasing from a Vendor for the sole purpose of leaving a negative review.

You may receive a buyer’s contact information or other data as the result of entering into a transaction with that buyer. This information may only be used for HD-related communications or for HD transactions. Using this information for unsolicited messages or unauthorized business is strictly prohibited. Without express written consent, you also may not add any HD participant to your email or any mailing list or store or misuse any payment information.

Building a Positive Reputation Through our Review System

Reviews are one of the best ways to build a reputation on HD. Buyers can leave a review including a one to five-star rating and a photograph of their purchase, within 30 days after their item’s expected delivery date. Buyers can revise their review, including the photograph, any number of times during that 30-day period.

On the rare occasion you receive an unfavorable review, you can reach out to the buyer or, if the review is less than 3 stars, leave a response.

Reviews and any responses to reviews may not:

1. Contain personal or private information;

2. Contain untoward language or imagery;

3. Contain ads or spam;

4. Relate to occurrences outside the Vendor’s control, such as a shipping carrier, HD or a third party; or

5. Hamper the value and benefit of the Review system.

Provide Great Customer Service

We expect our Vendors to provide great customer service. By selling through HD, you agree to:

1. Process your orders in a timely manner. Vendors are obligated to ship an item or otherwise complete a transaction with a buyer promptly, unless there is a darn good reason why they can’t. Respond to CVs in a timely manner, too.

2. Honor the promises you make.

3. Resolve disagreements or disputes directly with the Buyer.


If you are unable to fulfill an order, you must notify the buyer via their email address to create a permanent record. If the buyer already submitted payment, you must issue a full refund of the proceeds you received. You are encouraged to keep proof of any refunds in the event a dispute arises.

If the conditions for issuing a cancellation/refund have been met, a refund must be issued. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary actions, including your HD account being terminated. Please do not let time go by before addressing the concerns or requests of your customer. Good communication is the key to maintaining “peace in your valley.”

We strongly recommend that every Vendor spell out the Refund/Return Policy for their HD store. This protects Vendors from indiscriminate refund requests. The guidelines necessary for receiving a refund include:

1. Factory defects;

2. Damaged/broken;

3. Product does not match the description given; or

4. Product was shipped more than 2 weeks after the order was submitted.

Additional guidelines include the following:

1. Care must be taken to require that the product be returned in its original packaging and, if not damaged, in a resellable condition.

2. If a product arrives damaged, or, according the Buyer, "Not as Described," as discussed below, the buyer must photograph the product in the presence of the deliverer. If the product was dropped off damaged, the buyer must still take a picture. It is then the responsibility of the buyer to report the damage to the deliverer (Patriot Shield, USPS, FedEx, etc.) prior to requesting a refund/return.

3. If the product arrives damaged but there is no apparent damage to the packaging, the buyer must take a photograph of the product and follow the same procedures as described in point No. 2 above.

HD’s Dispute Rules

We ask buyers to contact a Vendor directly and attempt to resolve any outstanding issues before opening a dispute on HD. For this reason, it is important that you fill out your store policies and regularly respond to CVs from your buyers.

Buyers may file a dispute for a non-delivery or a Not-as-Described hemp product, as described below. The Vendor must respond to any open disputes within seven days.

A Non-Delivery occurs when a Buyer places an order and submits payment but does not receive the item. The following are examples of Non-Delivery disputes:

1. An item was never sent.

2. An item was sent to an address that is not on the HD receipt.

3. There is no proof that the item was shipped to the buyer’s address.

A product is Not-as-Described (“NAD”) if it differs from the listing description, photos or video. The following are examples of NAD disputes:

1. The hemp product received is different from that shown in the photo or described in the listing.

2. The item received has mold or some other characteristic that renders it NAD.

3. The item was advertised as a certain variety but is not that variety.

4. The Vendor fails to disclose that an item is damaged or missing parts.

5. A buyer purchased three items but only received two.

6. The condition of the item is misrepresented. For example, the description at the time of purchase said the product was “new” and it is used.

NAD disputes can also arise from late delivery. To qualify as late delivery, the buyer must provide proof that all of the following conditions have been met:

1. The product(s) were ordered for a specific date or event;

2. A deadline was agreed upon by the buyer and Vendor; and

3. The product(s) are rendered useless after that date.

If a buyer and Vendor cannot resolve a dispute, in the view of either party, please contact HD by email at with details. We will attempt to mediate a resolution.