WYSIWYG stands for "What You See Is What You Get". When adding descriptions on Hemp Dig, a WYSIWYG editor is used to help easily format text, like so:

Below is a short description of each tool available in the WYSIWYG editor, in order as they appear:

  • The two comparison symbols (<>) toggle the editor into HTML editing mode. Click the button again to toggle back into the WYSIWYG editor.
  • The paragraph mark (¶) allows you to quickly change the formatting into standard states, such as headings.
  • The B stands for Bold. This is an example.
  • The I stands for Italicize. This is an example.
  • The S with a slash through it stands for Strikethrough. This is an example.
  • The three lines with circles next to them start an unordered list.
  • The three lines with numbers next to them start a numerically order list.
  • The three lines with an arrow pointing towards the left remove an indentation.
  • The three lines with an arrow pointing towards the right add an indent.
  • The box with a landscape inside of it allows you to add an image.

    You may enter the link to an image, or Browse for an image.
    Right click in the white space to open a context-sensitive menu. You may upload image files from your device and organize them with folders.
  • The box with a play button allows you to input a URL to embed a video from YouTube.
  • The box with three columns and rows allows you to create and add to a table.
  • The link icon allows you to input a URL into the text.
  • The three lines of different lengths represents the alignment of the text, which defaults to the left side.
  • The straight singular line inserts a visual divider.
  • The A with a line underneath is allows you to change the color of the font.
  • The A within a box allows you to add a background color to the font.