Updating Business Information

The quickest way to access your business information is by clicking on your store's name next to "Vendor:" near the top of the page. Alternatively, hover over Vendors and select Vendors from the drop down. Click your vendor name to edit the business information.


The General tab contains key information necessary for your store to function on Hemp Dig (HD). Here, you can edit the store's display name, contact information, and ship from address.


The Add-ons tab holds the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) URL for your store. The SEO URL helps you optimize your store for search engines like Google. This URL should be friendly to both search engines and users, as your store will be linked through our website as https://hempdig.com/(SEO-NAME).


The Description tab is where you can edit the information about your store that is displayed to potential customers. We recommend describing the story/history of your store here to let customers interested in your company know about what you've faced to get to where you are.

Your description is displayed on your store's micro-site (located at https://hempdig.com/(seo-name) as described in the Add-ons section).


The Logos section is where you can update the logo for your store. The Logo for the customer area is the image displayed on our website to the public. The Logo for invoices is the logo that will be added to any order invoices, typically seen by the customer in emails after they have made a purchase.


The Plan tab is where you can view your currently selected vendor plan and change to a new plan available. To change your plan, simply click on any plan other than your Current Plan.

Notice: If you change your plan from one that is no longer available, you will not be able to switch back. HD does not offer refunds on plan changes. Please keep this in mind when deciding to change your plan.

Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions is where you can describe the details of how your store handles refunds and returns. This information must be agreed upon before a customer can make a purchase.


The Reviews tab is a place where you can see the reviews left by customers about your business.

Please ensure that all of this information is correct to avoid any potential issues.